Disruption doesn’t happen from within, new technologies and faster, better ways of engaging customers are driving this disruption across all industries with many startups leading this charge. BluSpecs has worked with entrepreneurs from a broad spectrum of concept to scaleup through various dedicated projects like Girl Power and Startup Scaleup to a more community driven ad hoc basis with specific startups. We help entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and construct their companies for growth through advice, workshops and in depth analysis of their goals and trajectories.



Makes Me Digital

Within Europe, it is estimated that the level of digitalisation is only at 12% of its potential, this is compared to 18% for the frontier leader, the United States. This indicates that the digital revolution has only just begun, however, digitalisation has not happened evenly either across sectors nor nations, indicating that even greater disruption is in store. There is a huge demand for training: 90% of jobs are expected to require some kind of digital competence in the near future.

MAKES ME DIGITAL, our last live project, gathers a representative group of experts to:

Identify the types of digital skills that are highly demanded by SMEs, provide advice and describe in which sectors SMEs are already facing a digital skills deficit; propose short-term training solutions for the labour force (employed and unemployed); design, organise and implement a high-quality training programme on specific digital skills, including a specific curriculum; and produce several blueprints for training to be implemented at local, regional and national level.


IoT Tribe

BluSpecs is delighted to announce the launch of IoT Tribe – The club where corporates and startups do business. Based across London, Madrid and Dublin, IoT Tribe is focused on bringing together corporates from distinct verticals and high-performing startups in IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to create shared value and opportunities.

We are currently developing IoT Tribe North, our new 12+12 week acceleration programme for 10 early stage Internet of Things start-ups.  We power up their product development, market testing and investment readiness through an intensive 12 week programme based in Barnsley, in the North of England and with strong links to the London investor ecosystem.

Supported by Innovate UK, Barnsley Council and Capital Enterprise, start-ups will be immersed into vibrant local and global manufacturing ecosystems and global supply chain and investment networks.


Girl Power I & II Edition

An initiative of the Ayuntamiento de Talavera de la Reina (2015 Edition) and the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (2017-18 Edition), Girl Power is a programme conceived and developed for female entrepreneurs in the region to provide them with the skills and tools to develop their business ideas into reality. In total, the 70 participants benefited from a 4 month programme of business coaching, mentorship by local business leaders and technology workshops.

BluSpecs supports the early stage entrepreneurs through structuring their ideas, defining their business models, providing clinics on their businesses and supporting their development according to the individual needs of each participant.

Startup Scaleup

Our company has gained a lot in these six months, in terms of business strategy, value proposition, product design. Also in the sense of projection and a more broadly in contact networks, potential clients, partners and investors…

Warden Retail

BluSpecs was the founding partner of Startup Scaleup a dedicated IoT Accelerator programme co-located across Spain, Ireland, Netherlands and Lithuania which saw over 120 IoT startups from over 18 countries grow their business and collectively raise over €10 million. The companies were part of a 6-month programme that provided access to subject experts, IoT lab facilities, manufacturing contacts, thematic AMA sessions, international mentors and investors. BluSpecs was central to the design and development of the accelerator programme and co-managed the Spanish hub with the Cloud Incubator Hub in supporting the entrepreneurs to reach their goals in developing their products, reaching new customers and expanding across boarders.